Kaitlyn is a 23 year old singer/songwriter from Hartland, Michigan who recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. She grew up in the Detroit area until she was 10, then moved down with her family to Oviedo, Florida, which is where she started writing music.


In middle school, Kaitlyn joined choir and absolutely loved it. She wanted to learn more about her voice

and how to really use it, so she began to take voice lessons. Once she started lessons, all she wanted to

do was sing. So, she began writing her own songs at age 11. Writing was a way for her to express her feelings,

and it still is today.


At age 12 Kaitlyn found a love for theater. Her first big role was Dorothy Gale in "The Wizard of Oz".

She found theater as a different kind of outlet to express herself. It was easy to hide behind a character

and not be herself on stage.


When Kaitlyn was a sophomore in high school, she and her family moved back to Michigan. Though it

was hard for her at first, she soon learned that everything happens for a reason. Her senior year of high school,

Kaitlyn won the school talent show with her original song, "Sweet Addiction". Her parents then saw the

potential in her writing, and wanted to get her into a studio.


Kaitlyn first started recording with Jaunty Meek and Marshall Block at Reel II Real Productions

in Fenton, Michigan. There, she recorded her songs "Sweet Addiction", "Lullaby", "Not Gonna Wait",

and "Deep Blue Sea". When they began recording "Not Gonna Wait", Randy Lynch, producer from

Detroit, Michigan, jumped on the team. Randy, Jaunty, and Kaitlyn worked exceptionally well together,

and still do today.


Since the release of "Fire", Kaitlyn's first single, the song has been played on multiple independent

radio stations, such as Chasing Your Dream Radio and Lonely Oak Radio. 


With Kaitlyn's newest single "Lipstick", recorded with Farmdog Productions in Nashville, she shows her growth in her songwriting since the beginning of her recording career. She is set to begin recorder her newest album in the coming dates.





A  Note  From  Kaitlyn   


I want people to listen to my music, and feel comfort knowing

that there is someone out there going through the same thing.

Whether it is heartbreak, love, or finding yourself.

People come and go in your life,

but I see them as inspiration for something incredible.

Use the experiences you are given to build yourself up

higher than you've ever been.


You are unbreakable.






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